Lomond Fishmongers at the Heart of Vale Community. #ThinkLocalFirst

David has been running Lomond Fishmongers in the Vale for the past 11 years with wife Suzanne and some help from son Peter.

He said: “This shop has actually been a fishmonger for more than 40 years, so it’s at the heart of this community. We have a lot of loyal customers who we see every week and know by name and order.

“During lockdown, we were busier than ever. Of course, we had to change the way we provided the service because people were most interested in deliveries. These were especially important for our elderly customers who were maybe shielding, as deliveries meant their normal food order wasn’t disrupted. Because we sell a lot of essential supplies as well as fish and seafood – things like eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables and meat from two local butchers – our delivery slots were extremely popular with everyone and customers were so thankful to be able to get fresh quality food.

“In the busiest times, I was doing about 40 or so deliveries a week in the local area.

“Now restrictions are easing, we are really glad to see people out and about a bit more and back in the shop. As a fishmonger, we tend to get a lot of elderly customers, and I know they really enjoy the conversation and social element that comes along with shopping at a local store. We can only let one customer into the shop at a time currently, and quite often that person will stay and have a natter with me until another customers arrives.

“Lockdown has increased our customer base and we are seeing more young customers, many are grandchildren of people who might be shielding, but others are trying fish out, or maybe spending more time cooking.

“I really hope that continues, as local businesses can provide a lot more than just products for the community.”

By shopping local, not only are you helping support business owners who pride themselves in being part of the local community but are ensuring that they can continue to deliver vital services when we need them most. #ThinkLocalFirst

Stay safe, shop local.

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