Support businesses in January lockdown - Vale Loves Local

West Dunbartonshire, like the rest of mainland Scotland, has entered a tough lockdown from 5 Jan.

Everyone is being encouraged to stay at home as much as possible to help the NHS and save lives.

The Scottish Government has recommended: “You should use online shopping or shops and other services in your immediate area wherever you can.” The Vale has many essential shops, such as food shops, takeaways, chemists etc which are allowed to stay open so where possible shop or buy here rather than further afield.

Many other businesses are offering online with delivery or click and collect which are all permissible and again should be favoured to ensure you support our local businesses and communities.

Essential Vale shops or takeaways include: O’Briens newsagent, Morrisons & Ritchie butchers, Sloans butcher, Lomond Fishmongers, The Coop, Aldi, Lifestyle Express & PO, Swans Sweetshop and more.