Vale Loves Local Campaign - Vale Loves Local

Campaign launch to encourage the Vale Loves Local community to support local businesses by shopping locally and to think local first.

The Scottish Government in partnership with Scotland’s Towns Partnership have launched a 3 month national TV, press and social media campaign to encourage our communities to:


For Vale Loves Local, this means asking the public to continue supporting all the local businesses in our High Street, local tradespeople, small businesses who work from home, freelancers and more. As a local business owner, you can be part of this!

To help kick-start the local campaign a number of organisations and groups are coming together including West Dunbartonshire Council, Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce, Business Gateway, Business & Community Groups and individual businesses.

 The aim of the campaign is to highlight the fact that it’s the people behind the businesses which make town centre’s special – not simply buildings. It also encourages everyone to show their support safely, following the latest social distancing and hygiene guidance.

Our team are visiting (safely) and connecting with as many businesses in the area as possible as to ensure they can take advantage of the opportunities.

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